Ways of Improving Your Concentration.

Concentrating when working on the internet or with your phone near you is one of the most challenging activities.  Our productive is always at jeopardy  when we are using the internet because it hosts a lot of websites such as social media that can distract us an consume our time.  Social media notifications and messages from your friends will always results to attention seeking beeps and chirps from your phone.  Advertising websites which could also be malicious  are also an annoying disturbance when we are using the internet. go to

To overcome this concentration challenge, we can block the distracting applications and websites using website blocker software and app blockers.  You can consider using the FocusMe app to block distracting applications and websites in your windows, Mac, or android devices.  These apps will help you increase your productivity by blocking distractions when working.  To enable employees spend office time well, companies can install app blockers on the computers. 

Having the discipline to avoid distraction is something that can be learned.  The learning process need your willingness to change because it can be challenging at times.  The first step is making a detailed list of all the sites you want to block.  The sites to look out for are the ones that tempt you to use work time such as social media and online gaming sites.  You can have the common distractors such as social media in the default list of the website blocker software but they also give you the freedom to add on the list or eliminate some from the list according to your past experiences.  Users can also set break intervals in some of the website blocker software.

The other step involves blocking disturbing websites in accordance with the time you need to concentrate.  This is like developing a schedule for your working hours and will help in giving you a full concentration time free of distractions.  The time you need from minutes, hours or days can always be a guide on how you adjust the pure concentration time.  To ensure that employees in your company don't also waste time, you can block some sites such as social media during working hours.

Your discipline is crucial in enabling the website blocker software do their work.  The software are designed to be helpers because you are the one with the control of your will power.  Website blocker software are useless without the users discipline because users can always switch of the blockers when they want to get back to the blocked websites.  It is good to have application blockers in your devices for control purposes but what is most important is your willingness to change and make good behavior less difficult to attain.
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